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Villa Laura

Nestled in the picturesque village of Ripenda, just a stone’s throw away from Labin, Villa Laura awaits you.


Haus Šimuni

The holiday house is situated in a tranquil village named Boljevici on the east coast of Istria, near Labin.


Villa Katarina

Villa Katarina is situated in the tranquil village of Paradiž, just 10 minutes away from the charming town of Labin.


Villa Lucija

Welcome to the two-story Villa Lucija with an area of 155m². On the ground floor, a living room awaits you with a cozy sofa and a fireplace.


Haus Neta

Welcome to this charming, rustically furnished semi-detached house – your perfect home for a cozy vacation.


Villa Tamara

This modern villa is located in the small, quiet village of Blaškovići, adjacent to the town of Kršan, on the east coast of Istria. Villa Tamara welcomes you with a spacious, modern living and dining area, featuring a well-equipped kitchen.


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