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Mine Tour: In memory of the miner and fighter

Mine Tour: In memory of the miner and fighter

Hundred years ago, on March 2, 1921, the Labin miners went on strike and founded the Republic of Labin. About six-hundreds of them gathered and started an uprising against the fascists. One of them, Giovanni Pippan (Ivan Pipan), was brutally abused in Pazin, and 600 brave miners gathered and occupied the mines. They managed to mine the entrances to the shafts and thus, without even realizing it, start the world’s first anti-fascist uprising.

In honour of them, the strikers, but also all the miners who gave their youth and life to the mine, a monument to the Miner-Fighter was erected. Not only in terms of dimensions, but also in terms of significance, it is the largest public monument in the Labin region. It consists of 4 hammers that form a bundle.




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